Migratory Birds [Open to all. Even chocobos.]

How long had it been since she started this journey?  Longer than she cared for, that was certain.  For an instant, Serah’s resolve faltered as she continued her search for clues to the whearabouts of Lightning.

Should she have gone off alone?  Even if they didn’t believe Ligthning was alive, wouldn’t it have been better to wait?

As a flock of gulls passed overhead, Serah was compelled to watch them fly.  This kind of thinking was unbecoming of her.  If she truly wanted to fing her sister, she needed better resolve than this!  Serah  shook her head and balled her right hand into a fist.

I’ve come this far, I can’t turn back now!

And so…she carried on.  

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Posted on Monday, 17 October
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